Seven Films to watch at Christmas

Christmas is coming and if you’ll have lunch at home or in a nice restaurant you will surely want to brighten up your time, or your evening, with a good movie. Here is a little personal presentation of seven films to watch on December 25th. This is not a ranking, but just a simple list. 

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Isle of Dogs – Review



Isle of Dogs is the unmissable new film by Wes Anderson. Stop motion animation film set in an almost dystopian future where all the dogs of Japan have been removed to an island because they are sick. Atari, the protagonist, leaves for this island with a kind of aircraft to find his dog- named Spots.

As you have already understood
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Darkest Hour – Review


Darkest hour is the new film directed by Joe Wright and written by Anthony McCarten, screenwriter of The Theory of Everything. The film follows the life of Winston Churchill in his darkest moment, that is when he became the prime minister and had to devise a way to evacuate the army from France, or the famous Operation Dynamo.

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Review


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, is the new film directed and written by Martin McDonagh, famous theater scriptwriter and also Screenwriter of Seven Psychopaths. The story revolves around this woman, whose daughter has been killed, who decides to put three large billboards out of town as a protest against the police, who seem not to invest its resources in this case.

The film is
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Crooked House – Review



Crooked House is a crime film adaptation of the famous novel of same name by Agatha Christie, one of her favorite novels. The film has so far been released only in Italy, exactly on November two, one week before the world release of “Murder on the Orient Express”. I say one thing right away before starting the review, I didn’t read this book. OI’ve read so many books by Christie, but so many, but I miss that, it’s one of the few. I will remedy this.

The plot is simple:
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