BlacKkKlansman – No spoiler Review

BlacKkKlansman is the brand new film directed by Spike Lee, the director of “Do The Right Thing”. The film has been talking about itself for months, that is since it was presented at the Cannes Festival, where it came out winner of the Grand Prix, award for the film that has shown great originality, a sort of second place at the Palme d’Or .

The film is also kept an eye on the award season, especially for Spike Lee, who could become the first African-American to win the Oscar for Best Director. We’ll see. In the meantime here is my review. Leggi tutto “BlacKkKlansman – No spoiler Review”

The Nun – No Spoiler Review

The Nun is the last long-awaited chapter of the cinematic franchise The Conjuring, and the spin-off of The Conjuring 2. As we understand from the title, this film focuses on Valak, a demon that manifests itself in the form of a nun in the second The Conjuring and that we had also seen in Annabelle: Creation.

Honestly, the film did not convince me at all. Leggi tutto “The Nun – No Spoiler Review”

Isle of Dogs – Review



Isle of Dogs is the unmissable new film by Wes Anderson. Stop motion animation film set in an almost dystopian future where all the dogs of Japan have been removed to an island because they are sick. Atari, the protagonist, leaves for this island with a kind of aircraft to find his dog- named Spots.

As you have already understood
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Wind River – Review



Wind River is the new film written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, famous writer of Hell or High Water or Sicario, for which he had an Oscar nomination.

The film tells the investigation of Jane Banner, an FBI agent, about a native girl just eighteen years old who died in the snow. There will be a hunter of the place Cory Lambert next to her.

The film,
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