The Road by Cormac McCarthy – Review

The Road is the tenth novel by American author Cormac McCarthy published in 2006. The book is known for winning the Pulitzer Prize for Narrative and its 2009 film adaptation with Viggo Mortensen, which is on Netflix. Here is the review.

The book is set in an apocalyptic future and narrates the journey of a father and son to the south for a better climate. And this is the whole novel.

The Road is very scanty as a novel. Everything, from the story, to the writing, to the dialogues, is reduced to the essential. The whole novel is based on the journey of these two people and their desperate search for food. The dialogues are skinny, and also very repetitive, but very dark.

This is because The Road’s purpose is not to narrate a story, so much so that it is not even explained why the world is what it is, but wants to try to affect the reader emotionally, and it succeeds.

The child is striking for his sweetness and ingenuity, but at the same time he saddens a lot when he asks his father if they are going to die, and it is something he does very often. All the novel is written in such a way as to immediately create an empathy with the two protagonists and you end up felling everything they feel: hunger, thirst, cold.

The result is a novel, therefore, very heavy, not for writing, but for reading, because it really comes you chocked, and also makes you cry, but in some moments, even rejoice.

To conclude, I recommend very much the reading of this little publishing gem that I finally recovered. And, as always, I leave the amazon link.

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