10 Movies to Watch for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has arrived and there is no better way to spend the evening hugging on the sofa watching a romantic movie. But there are so many, and many are ugly, let’s tell the truth. So which one to watch? Quiet, there’s me for this. Here is my personal selection of 10 films to watch for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s start off with the first three, which are part of the famous Before Trilogy. , Theay are, of course: “Before Sunrise”, “Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight” by Richard Linklater. 

Three fantastic films that tell love at twenty, thirty years and forty / fifty. Super-romantic films, but super beautiful. They are also quite short, they all last about an hour and a half, and so you can see all three in one evening.

After three dramas, it needs something lighter, and here for you two beautiful romantic comedies.

The first is “Shakespeare In Love”, one of my favorite movies in the genre. Film of 1998 winner of 7 Oscar Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Original Screenplay. 

The protagonist is obviously Shakespeare writing “Romeo and Juliet”. The woman instead is Viola, a noble girl who is passionate about theater and would like to act, but she can not do it because of her gender. Romantic comedy very funny, well written, for its realism both in the dialogues, both in the events; and directed very well by John Madden, who is a very good director.

The other is “(500) Days of Summer”, an independent romantic comedy of 2009.

A very nice and light film that tells the love story between Tom and Summer, a different story from those we are used to seeing at the cinema. A very well written film – also very realistic – and a great performance for Joseph Gordon-Levitt .

Have you already found the movie for you? Not yet? So here are 5 more movies for the romantic evening of your dreams.

Let’s still talk of romantic comedies, but of a South-Korean one: “Castaway on the Moon”. 

The protagonist is Kim Seong-geun, a man who decides to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge in Seoul, but, with his great surprise, ends up on the island. The only person to see him is Kim Jung-yeon, who thinks he’s an alien.

Very funny film, well written, shot even better and masterfully interpreted. A must for Valentine’s evening.

We continue with Asian cinema, but this time Japanese and animated film. Well yes, I’m talking about “Your name”, a film I saw recently on Netflix and that made me cry a river. 

Taki and Mitsuha are two guys who live a mystical experience: they exchange body. And this is the beginning of their story. Very sweet film, it speaks very good about love, above all for adolescence and it hits the heart. Watch it!

We are almost at the end of this list and, just for you, I have forgotten three goodies.

It starts with “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, thar presents itself like a romantic comedy, but actually it’s a drama. 

The couple is composed by Joel and Clementine, two guys who broke up and who decide to erase their story from memory. A very sweet and poignant and very innovative film for the way of telling this story, almost like a thriller. So deserved the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

This is also available on Netflix.

Let’s go on with “The Shape of Water” by Guillermo del Toro, winner of the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director. 

A horror tale that tells the story of Eliza’s love and a sea monster. A strong love story to make a love letter to the cinema A wonderful movie that is recovering if you have not seen it. I leave the review here: http://www.mjpsreviews.com/2018/02/28/the-shape-of-water-review/

The last film on this list is ” Brokeback Mountain”,winners of three Academy Awards, including Director and Adapted Screenplay, and the biggest snub for the Best Picture statuette. 

The whole film focuses on telling the relationship between Ennis and Jack, both from a emotional and a sexual point of view. Written very well, directed by the great Ang Lee and with fantastic performances. This is a really exciting and perfect movie for the night of lovers.

Well, the list ends here. Did you find what you are interested in? Do you agree? Do you think that there are no titles? Say all you want in the comments section. I thank you for reading, if you liked the article, share it and follow me on Twitter. Thanks and see you next time.