Widows – No Spoiler Review

Widows is a film released in theaters November 15, 2018 written by Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl, along with Steve McQueen, who also signs the direction. Here is the review.

As you can very well understand from the title Widows, the protagonists are widows. Their husbands were all thieves and died during a robbery. Now the poor women are in trouble and so they decide to carry out what would be the next robbery of their husbands.

Widows has a fantastic script and I absolutely recognized Flynn’s style. If you have read or seen Gone Girl, you know very well how she is not a true genre writer. Well, this film is not just a heist-movie either. It much more.

The characters in this film are really well characterized. They are all women who suffer because life has been hard with them, but they decide to get strength and to have a revenge. Veronica is black and has had a suffering past; Linda is Latin and her late husband made her lose everything; finally, Alice is a woman who suffers from domestic abuse. With them there is also Belle, a black woman, a mother who works too hard to earn little money.

Opposite them, there are the male characters, who are presented almost all as shady types. They’re husbands, politicians, criminals, since this film also speaks of the African-American gangs that challenge each other. However, despite being shady, they are all  powerful, strong or illustrious men.

As I said, Widows is much more than a heist, because, first of all, it is a highly dramatic film that cruelly pains America’s social hardship. Many issues such as feminism, violence and the abandonment of Afro-Americans, domestic abuse, poverty and crime are touched, giving a much more complex set of classic heist.

In addition, it also works as a heist. The plan is prepared with great care and cunning, and the moment of implementation is really full of tension and twists. I also appreciated the construction of the robbery, which is not slow, but takes a good part of the film, creating a climate of tension and interest that explodes at the time of the robbery. The final is excellent.

Widows is directed by Steve McQueen, who stages a sensational movie. He built the image in an excellent way, guided the actors perfectly and his camera movements were amazing. With only one long shot he was able to show the degradation of America, poverty on one side and around the corner the glitz. All this while there was a beautiful dialogue, but that is overshadowed by the power of the image and if a director manages to do that, he wins. Excellent also in the “action” part, which does not lose the authorial and artistic style.

Furthermore, the success of the film also depends on a well-made technical department. The editing is excellent, very fluid, you move from one character to another without any problem, as well as from the past to the present. Beautiful cinematography and all the sets. The music of Hans Zimmer are many beautiful and a bit different from the usual and are inserted very well. Even the sound editing is excellent, little used, and we can hear that, and very calibrated, without getting lost, then, in excess, which sometimes gives a lot of sense of fiction.

All the actors were very good. In particular Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki and Daniel Kaluuya, who could definitely have an Oscar nomination, if not win it.

Rating: 100/100

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