The Outsider by Stephen King – Review

The Outsider is the 58th novel of the American author Stephen King, Here it is my review.

The Outsider has a nice plot. Terry Maitland, a young English teacher, is accused of committing a terrible murder. To confirm it there are DNA tests, fingerprints and many witnesses, but Maitland has an alibi. So? What is the truth? The premise is excellent.

I found it very pleasant to read this book, because King is King, even if I only read two books written by him. But you notice very well that he can write. But I must say that I found this a weak book.

The Outsider has a very good premise and has a pretty good development, only that there are some parts with big stylistic slips. Honestly I did not like the choice of police reports, even if they were greatly written. But create a scene is definitely better.

Too many references to the old works of King, which I know very little because I previously read only It, but I understood them. And often it is always nice to see an author who cite himself, but King, this time, has overwhelmed. Disappointing final, very simple, predictable, already seen and rapid. It leaves many points unresolved and gives much weight to useless things. Even the final dialogues are a bit ugly, too honeyed, too obvious, too much best-seller writing.

Social criticism is also very weak. King has always told a very different America from the American dream and his books, even if horror, are anything but pure genre entertainment. For example, Pennywise is a clear element of criticism against small American towns. This Outsider, however, does not hide all this criticism, just like the book. There are socially strong parts, but they are very few. And many things are just thrown, spans in the air. This part must be outlined in a better way.

But there are many positive things. King’s prose is good. The first and the central parts were so overwhelming. In addition, the transition from one character to another is just fluid, there is no problem to follow the events of the various protagonists. I also found it right to reveal what inspired this novel, that is a story by Poe.

So, all in all, The Outsider is not a bad novel. A good read, in addition to entertainment, which tries to dare something more, but does not succeed completely.

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Rating: 72/100

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