The Girl in the Spider’s Web – No Spoiler Review

The Girl in the Spider’s Web is the new chapter in the Millennium saga based on the novel by David Lagercrantz. Written by Stephen Knight, creator of Peaky Blinders, and directed by Fede Alvarez, director of Don’t Breathe, the film is both a sequel and a soft-reboot of the American transposition of Fincher. Here is the review.

The film follows the events of Lisbeth Salander, a professional hacker who protects women who are victims of violence. In this chapter, she finds herself entangled in state secrets, fights with spies and cyber-criminals, and even an encounter with her past.

The film is a thriller / action, which is not really my genre, and in fact I did not like it. But besides the fact that it is not a genre I like, the film really does have flaws, as good features.

The big flaw of The Girl in the Spider’s Web is the script. The story is not well developed. There are mysteries that are revealed without being given any clues, some aren’t even elaborated. As a thriller it isn’t absolutely well done, too hasty, trivial, with some parts that seem absolutely nonsense and unbeliavable. Instead it is worth enough from an action point of view. It keeps the rhythm well, and the action parts also make more sense. But the thriller part is too weak and therefore the movie is a little bit boring.

The most interesting part of The Girl in the Spider’s Web is the direction by Fede Alvarez, who is a great professional. The action sequences are fantastic. Alvarez chooses many virtuosities, managing to create visually beautiful, dynamic, very fluid and adrenaline scenes. The more static parts, the more thriller ones, are not the best I’ve ever seen, but they are well done. Alvarez has definitely raised the quality of the film.

What I literally hated was an initial moment where there is practically an opening. Which is very beautiful from the visual point of view and has beautiful effects, but it is completely useless, senseless and out of place. The openings are for TV series, not for movies.

On the technical department there is little to say, because overall it is good. But it is an American blockbuster that stakes all in the technical department and I dare not imagine the budget, so I find it also obvious. What is certain is that a film can not be maintained thanks to the skill of the technicians. Also because there are no exploits, especially the editing, which has things done badly, and is not good in action movies, where it is precisely the editing the strong point.

So The Girl in the Spider’s Web is a film that does not work on the thriller side, but it works on the action side, so if you like the genre go see it because action scenes deserve, especially for their direction. The rest … meh!

Rating: 52/100

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