Halloween (2018) – No Spoiler Review

Halloween, released in Italian theaters on October 25th, is the sequel to the famous homonymous film of 1978 by John Carpenter.

Directed by David Gordon Green, who also co-wrote the screenplay, the film is held forty years after the original. Here is the review.

I liked the film. I did not have high expectations for this new Halloween. I was expecting to find a nice horror / slasher film for the general public, and that’s what I found. Halloween lets itself be watched, but it has so many faults.

The story is simple. Forty years have passed since the events of Halloween, but for Laurie there is no peace, especially on the night of October 31st. Michael Myers is free and is coming to her.

The problem, which perhaps you can already understand from the plot, is that this new Halloween traces too much the original, to play a lot with the nostalgia effect. Some things work, others do not.

The characters work well enough, especially that of Laurie. The events of forty years ago have shaken her quite a bit, and they still continue to torment her. And this will create disagreements with the daughter. The problem is that this whole affair, especially the relationship with her daughter, is handle summarily. It’s told  to us that there are disagreements and briefly explained the reason, but little. We can not understand what Laurie might have done so seriously to make her daughter hate her. Instead, Laurie’s problems derived from Michael are definitely treated better and even in a non-trivial way.

Michael works too. He is always presented to us in the same way: we don’t see his face, he does not speak, we only hear his breath. But there is a small change. Michael, in the first Halloween, is driven to kill by a force of a sexual nature, a force that manifests itself in this chapter, but not alone, there is something else: hunger. Michael wants to kill after so many years in prison.

The teen part does not work at all. In fact, Laurie also has a niece, Allyson, of which we follow the events in a small part. But it does not attract the viewer much. In fact, so that many things are left unresolved. And I do not believe for  a sequel.

Events also do not work at all. The beginning is so beautiful. The film opens with titles and a pumpkin that is “inflated”, a clear tribute to the original, but the first events seem to have something different. The problem is that from a certain point onwards, when Michael arrives in the city, Halloween 2018 becomes Halloween 1978. Creating easter-eggs to create nostalgia can be ok, but playing with nostalgia and nothing more is a different thing. In this case we find ourselves in the second option, some things are there to make you cliffs and think, “My God, just like Halloween”. But it ends there.

Much more innovative is the ending, which although it contains references to the film of ’78, doesn’t lack of originality. The end is definitely the apotheosis of the film, the moment when you really feel a great tension and I think it is given by the novelty. By not tracing the original we do not know what can happen, which the first part sins. Part sometimes not believable because Michael seems to be everywhere at all times. This does not work.

Very surprising last minutes and a great coup de théâtre. The finale really raises the film.

Halloween was directed by David Gordon Green, who is in his debut with horror movies. And let’s say it was not great. I do not know how much he can center it. Green gives little, if not at the beginning and in the end, but in the whole film you only feel a desire to copy Carpenter. Obviously there is not even the slightest comparison. Green, I turn to you, you’re not Carpenter, pay him homage, emulate him too, but do not copy him. There are some shots such as those of Halloween of ’78, but decidedly less aesthetic.

In the newer parts I did not really like him, I found him lost, it was clear that it was not in its comfort zone. In the end, however, he was a little more enterprising, and therefore manages to bring something home. But it is the only part that says something in the film.

There is not much to say about the technical part. Only the soundtrack is worthy of note, and just to change it is the same as ’78.

Curtis was great. Another great performance by The Scream Queen.

Basically, this new Halloween was made to bring down the tear and make money trying to bring back to the theaters fans of the original, but it is behind it. Turning off the brain, it can entertain, but qualitatively it is not much.

Rating: 57/100

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