The Children Act – No Spoiler Review

The Children Act is the film based on the novel of same name by Ian McEwan, of which I have already made the review. The film, written by McEwan himself, features director Richard Eyre, famous for directing “Iris” and “Notes on a Scandal”, and stars Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci. Here is my review.

Emma Thompson plays Fiona Maye, judge of the British High Court of the Family Section. Fiona is a determined woman, very detached and dedicated to her work. Precisely for this she is going through a marriage crisis with her husband Jack (Tucci), who wants someone more emotionally engaging. Fiona remains very cold and decides to devote herself entirely to her new case, that of Adam Henry, a seventeen-year-old boy who suffers from leukemia and who refuses a transfusion that could save his life because he is a Jehovah’s Witness. Everything is in Fiona’s hands, what will be her verdict? And how will the media react, the country? What will it cause? You will discover everything at the cinema.

As mentioned before, the screenplay is signed by McEwan himself, who very faithfully adapts his novel, but perhaps too much. There are moments in the film that gave me the idea to be clearer only if you read the book, especially in the second part. In fact, the gap between the most judicial and sentimental parts is much more evident, even more so than the book.

But after all I found a good script. McEwan was able to find some tricks to make some parts of the book more adaptable, the judicial side is really very good, with a fast and fast pace, it seems like a thriller. The sentimental part has something wrong. It is very nice that both Adam and Fiona are going to make a similar path because this case will question all their certainties, but some things do not work. The growth path of the boy is not as powerful as that of Fiona if not in some points and this creates too much disparity, which causes a loss of interest in Adam.

The Children Act is directed by Richard Eyre, who has made his own. It is very clear that he is an expert, there are some long shots and long takes well-constructed and well-designed . The process is very fragmentary and this very much supports the rhythm, the less lively is the second part, and perhaps it is precisely here that the direction, but also the film, works less. There is too much difference, one remains interdicted.

Precisely for this thriller rhythm, the film has a good editing, but nothing of the technical department is worthy of a special mention. Everything in the norm.

Very good, however, Emma Thompson. She gave us another great performance. She was the perfect Fiona. Not bad Tucci, but his character does not have much space.

So, yes, go see The Children Act. It is a good film that could definitely offer more, but that does not leave disappointed.

Rating: 75/100

I leave you here my review of the book:

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