BlacKkKlansman – No spoiler Review

BlacKkKlansman is the brand new film directed by Spike Lee, the director of “Do The Right Thing”. The film has been talking about itself for months, that is since it was presented at the Cannes Festival, where it came out winner of the Grand Prix, award for the film that has shown great originality, a sort of second place at the Palme d’Or .

The film is also kept an eye on the award season, especially for Spike Lee, who could become the first African-American to win the Oscar for Best Director. We’ll see. In the meantime here is my review.

BlacKkKlansman is based on the true story of Ron Stallworth, the first African-American detective in Colorado Springs who managed to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan. His heroic and bizarre feat was only discovered in 2014, with the publication of Stallworth’s autobiography entitled “Black Klansman”.

I loved the movie. Both for the story, for the script, for the direction and the performances.

The story seems absurd, but it’s a true story, even if there are some events added by Lee, but in the end it’s a movie. The nice thing is that the film is so well written that it is very credible – as indeed it is – but it remains that vein of absurd, which is very functional to the film.

The script is fantastic. As I said earlier, you can maintain a great reality and a vein of absurdity. Humor is felt and the film is just funny, but it’s a fairly mature kind of humor. I also found a nice combination of the comedy parts, or at least lighter, and the most dramatic parts. There is no excess for either, ensuring that the film is neither too heavy nor too light. I greatly appreciated the dialogues, which I personally found very hard and raw, but right, because they reflect exactly the time (1972) in which the whole story takes place.

Finally, one can not speak of the great theme of the film: racism. BlacKkKlansman deals with this topic with great originality. On the one hand the story, because in no movie we see an African-American in KKK; on the other, the tricks it used. I liked the demonization of cinema, which often used actors of color to offend the ethnic group, and the various stories of life that they feel. The comparison between white and black characters is also beautiful. We see members of the KKK insulting African-Americans because they are inferior, but a white is ignorant, another one a madman and, finally, the woman is just a slave to the husband without spine, the opposite of the African-American female protagonist. But the good thing is that this was exactly the reality and still is. Precisely for this reason, I found the final part excellent. Cherry on the cake. I do not make an advance because I do not want to make spoilers.

The direction is CRAZY! BlacKkKlansman scored the great return of Spike Lee. Lee’s directorial choices are very interesting. How he captures the faces of people in a speech, the moment of the film, which coincides with another part of history and knows how to play very well the two storylines, the camera movements, very dynamic. There are flaws, including errors of continuity. I noticed three, maybe four, and one I think is a bit serious because the suitcase just disappears. But here, beyond this, no blunders.

Even the technical department has proven to be high. Beautiful cinematography, first of all. It is not a fixed photograph, sometimes warm and luminous, sometimes cold dark, the director knew how to adapt to the moments. Beautiful music and beautiful costumes. Stallworth hairdo fantastic. A little poor editing, it has a little flaws sometimes annoying.

I close with great acclaim to John David Washington, who proves to be a great heir to his father Denzel, and Adam Driver, who was amazing. Ashlie Atkinson steal the scene ,although she appears little, with an extraordinary performance. Congratulations also to the whole cast, but they are three more noteworthy.

So go absolutely to see BlacKkKlansman. It’s the movie of the moment and, if you’re a real movie lover, you do not have to lose it. It’s fun, important, especially in this delicate and powerful moment. But not just for African-Americans. And I say this for the words that close the film: There is no place for hate. And no, there is not.

Rating: 89/100

My review ends here, but now it’s up to you. Have you seen BlacKkKlansman? Did you like it? Write me your thoughts in the comments. And who did not see him knew him? You are interested? All in the comments. I only ask you to warn if you make spoilers out of respect for those who have not seen it. I remind you to put I like it, and to share the review and finally to follow the blog, also through the social networks Twitter and Facebook, of which you will find the windows on the side, if you’re on pc, or in the bottom, if you’re on your mobile.