The Incredibles – No Spoiler Review

The Incredibles 2 is the brand new Disney-Pixar film released in Italy, the penultimate film market, September 19, 2018 and sequel to the 2004 film The Incredibles.

The film

starts exactly from the point where the first chapter ends, that is with the arrival of the Miner, villain that the super family fails to capture, even if they save human lives, but the city comes out equally destroyed.

The superheroes, therefore, are still illegal and this new battle has done nothing but worsen the situation, causing the Parr to exit from their protection program. But here arrive Winston and Evelyn Deavor, a brother and a sister whose father loved superheroes and passed on their love to their children. The Deavors want to help the superheroes return legal, so they can help people from the growing crime. And how do they want to do so? Showing the action of the supers from their point of view and ElasticGirl is chosen as the hero to do so. Things seem to be going well, but the arrival of a new super villain, the Screenslaver, will change the cards on the table. Will the Parr succeed in stopping the villain? You will discover it watching the movie.

I loved the movie. It is far superior to the first film, for the story, the screenplay, the direction, and the issues, which while remaining the same, are tackled more maturity. A very apt word, because if I have to describe this film with a word, it would be mature. The film does not seem to be for children and although they also can make fun of it, we see that it is more appealing to an audience of adults and teens, the ones who saw the first chapter 14 years ago. But let’s start immediately with the analysis of the film.

As I said before, I found both the story and the  screenplay beautiful and mature. First of all, The Incredibles 2 does not fall into the mistakes of the many sequels that now invade the cinema, especially those of very old films, and that mistakes are: banality and repetition. So many sequels seem almost like remakes. Instead this new chapter, while remaining in the wake of the first film, gives us something new, with a new story, a new intent, new characters and, above all, with another growth of the characters.

I very much appreciated that it was ElasticGirl, and not Mister Incredible, to pick up the fate of this mission and I found it right too, since the first film was more focused on him. Just as I liked the fact that he stayed at home to be a parent and to look after his children and, above all, as it was told. His father figure is not ridiculed, indeed. He is a father like everyone who finds it difficult to manage a newborn baby, a hyperactive child and a teenager who is prey to hormones. But who would succeed?

I found the idea of ​​introducing new superhero characters brilliant. It shows us that there are not only the Incredibles, but there is a whole world still to be discovered. The main characters are more mature as well as their storylines. My favorite was that of Violetta, that in this film passes a phase of adolescence that many have passed and many have committed her own mistake but she recovers, and you fully understand it in the final scene.

The antagonist is extraordinary. The film has a 360 degree villain. It acts for a reason, has a purpose and a well-detailed plan and makes very complicated and heavy speeches. Not really animated stuff.

Furthermore, the peculiarities of this film are the themes and also the way in which they are dealt with. Already the first chapter was a great tribute to the diversity and acceptance of it and of itself to be different. But this film is a real process of empowerment of diversity. This is thanks to the inclusion of new superheroes, all people marginalized by society, but now they feel someone, they feel normal, accepted. It talks about not choosing to be different, to accept oneself for who we are and to be accepted for who we are.

A new issue is our obsession with technology. The antagonist is called, not surprisingly, the Screenslaver and what seems extraordinary is that the whole issue on technology starts from one of his speech and what you think is: “Hell, the villain is right”.

The issue of justice is reconsidered, but, for the last time, in a more mature and political way. We see so many politicians in the film, some women, that discusses the possible return to the legality of superheroes. But it’s difficult because, although ordinary people seem to want it, politicians do not. Many do not believe that there are people who want to do good without wanting anything in return and that there is a justice above them, who seem almost untouchable. I was amazed by a phrase dictated by Violetta almost at the end of the film. A criticism not veiled to justice expressed in a few words and in a few minutes.

After having explored the story and the screenplay, let’s move on to the direction, which is BEAUTIFUL! Surely Bird has taken a lot of inspiration from the titles of superheroes of the moment and what came out is that the direction of The Incredibles 2 is a direction of an action movie. It is very moving, fast,given by a fast editing, and fluid. Very very well done.

Obviously the technical department was nice too, but with a budget of two hundred millions I expected it. I really liked the sets, built with great details, and then great editing, and beautiful soundtrack. Obviously great sound editing, technical department always very important for animated features.

Summing up, I highly recommend you to see The Incredibles 2. It’s fun, entertaining, but above all, intense. The Pixar got right this time too.

Rating: 82/100

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