The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair – Review



The truth about the Harry Quebert Affair is Joel Dicker’s third novel published far back in 2013 and that year’s European editorial case.

The novel is

a detective story set in America in 2008 and 1975. The story takes place mostly in Aurora, a fictional town, home of the famous writer and professor Harry Quebert, who will be arrested for the murder of Nola Kellergan after the discovery of his in his garden in 2008. The young woman had disappeared in 1975, at only fifteen, and had a love affair with Quebert, then thirty. A story that Quebert illustrated in his bestseller “The origins of evil”. Marcus Goldman, protagonist, pupil, writer and friend of Quebert, will land in Aurora to prove his innocence.

I loved this novel. I found it very well written. Dicker has a very good style, very smooth, which allows every reader to get passionate about the story, to get inside and to read this eight hundred pages brick in a very short time. I read it in five days, for example. It takes you from the first to the last page, it almost becomes a drug, you can not get away from it, you’ll never be able to live a second without thinking about it. I was sorry to go to sleep because I wanted to finish it. And this because it has a very fast pace and also many twists.

The enumeration of the chapters is very particular. In fact, from chapter 31 we go back, like a countdown, and each chapter is followed by a writing board by Harry Quebert and Marcus Goldman.

In fact, despite the great investigation, despite all the twists, the book is not empty of contents. Rather. There is a strong discussion of the subject of literature and also of the book market. There is talk of literature, writing, writers and texts, as far as the investigation is concerned and, sometimes, they also exceed its importance. It is clear that there is the desire and the intention to create a literary work, even of a genre. And I think Dicker succeeded. There is his idea of ​​what literature means, because books are so important and what drives people to write. Furthermore, there is a critique of the modern publishing world, a world that looks only at profits, without thinking in the least about quality.

And all this is built. Exactly like the case, it goes on and every time a piece is added, so are the themes. As the survey goes on, the various topics discussed and a small piece is always added.

So I think this book is certainly a good read, pleasant, fast, exciting and reflective. I highly recommend this book.

Rating: 85/100

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