Wind River – Review



Wind River is the new film written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, famous writer of Hell or High Water or Sicario, for which he had an Oscar nomination.

The film tells the investigation of Jane Banner, an FBI agent, about a native girl just eighteen years old who died in the snow. There will be a hunter of the place Cory Lambert next to her.

The film,

in my opinion, is beautiful. And I agree with those who compared him to The Silence of the Lambs because there are things in common, and surely Sheridan was inspired by the 1991 film. I repeat INSPIRED.

The best thing for me that this film has is that it is complementary. It is not an auteur film, but Sheridan has tried to take care of the smallest details, so the direction and the script complement each other. It is not a film where the characters talk a lot, in fact, there is a lot of silence and much attention to the gestures. I liked the script for this, and especially for the dialogues. They are not pompous or decorated, they are direct. There are lines of a few words that describe the world to you. Example, when Jane-Olsen-arrives at Wind River, a man – also a native – says: “Look who they sent us.” Five words that open you a very strong criticism. Beautiful also the sense of the story, to show how America is still disrespectful to the natives and how they are still marginalized and absolutely unprotected. For example, there is no register that takes into account how many native women disappear each year. But for all the other ethnic groups there is.

As anticipated before, I also liked the direction. Sheridan did a good job here too, I liked the shots “in the first person” and also the calm rhythm, both of the story, but also of the direction. Usually thrillers are very hectic, but this is really calm, slow, but very intriguing. And here I must say I saw a bit of Demme.

Even the music is not bad, very dark and calm, perfect for how the film was made. The scenery is so beautiful, built very well and I wonder how he did not get the nomination. I found photography interesting, in some places I would have preferred it darker, stronger because yes, sometimes it is a bit weak. Just the costumes, as well as the sound editing.

I close with the actors and I have to say that I liked Olsen a lot, as well as Renner, too bad that he always has this face so hard and harsh.

So it’s a film that I absolutely recommend if you look for a good thriller and a good movie, because this is it.

Rating: 75/100

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