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Ready Player One is the film directed by Steven Spielberg, adaptation of the novel by Ernest Cline. I have already reviewed the book and leave you my review below.

Here: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline – Review

But let’s get to the movie, which I

did not like at all. The film, first of all, is badly written. Indeed, very bad. There are many plot holes. In a sense, I expected it. In the novel there are no real plot holes, but unrealistic elements that make the nose turn up. The other screenwriter, however, is Zak Penn, famous for writing Elektra. The main problem with Ready Player One is that it is the sequel to the book. Cline made a Rocky-style sequel , or Fast & Furious. Same story, but it changed the contents a bit. This is the movie. The main points are taken from the book, the rest is new. The problem is that, in doing so, not many important things are said, and this creates huge plot holes. I’ll make little spoilers, because I think we need to talk about it. If you want, skip the next paragraph.

So, here are some plot holes, maybe the biggest ones. Oasis, this great game, is nothing but a VR. Just take off the viewer and you are automatically disconnected from the game. Yet when our heroes are attacked and can not defend themselves, do not they come to mind to disconnect? Why? In the book we are told why, on the film no. Because the film is THE SEQUEL, so there was no need to repeat it. Second plot hole: he becomes famous, or rather his avatar. Too bad that there is no way they know him. They know that Parzival is leading the race, but they do not know how he’s done, just the name, which does not appear above the character, as it is said in the book. Almost at the end of the film, we see all the gathered friends, without telling us how they got together so quickly, since Oasis is a global videogame. At some point the haptic suit of the protagonist is stolen and destroyed. Five seconds later he has it again. In this new game there is a kind of robotic guardian, available 24/7. In the end we discover that it is an avatar of a real person. No. I do not think a person can stay connected to Oasis without ever sleeping. Just as I do not think that people can play like that on the street without dying. There are others, but that’s enough.

Furthermore, the film does not have a real story. Already in the book it was very simple and narrow, but there was. Here it does not exist, so there are special effects and action. The villain is ridiculous, especially because it is considered villain because- attention- wants to put advertising on Oasis. And this is a bastard thing. Are we joking? But not even in EL James’s books. And then some things are so exaggerated! On the book,you turn your nose when he told you he had seen that TV series 500 times, and that movie 300, and that other 800, and the other more than a thousand and that TV series 700 times and those books of 3000 pages read all ten times. Unbelievable. (Sorry if I wrote the numbers, but I wanted to do it soon). Oh well, close one eye, if not two. But now that they know by heart all the memories of Halliday, that they know where to look for them. Come on, it’s not credible.

The characters are flat and trivial and superficial. Which was not in the book at all. They were not simple characters. Everyone had his story and also his why. Here they are all monotonous, speckled, without feelings, without a true development of their emotionality and personality. And, of course, there are also minorities. Do you want to not put minorities?

This is why I find the film a great BROWN NOSING! The book, at least, paid homage to the pop culture of the 80s through a story, simple, for heaven’s sake, but there was. This film instead is nothing. Just a set of cameos, quotes that should make you cry. Yes, they make you cry, in fact, but not for nostalgia, but for stupidity.

The lines are atrocious. The dialogues in the book were normal, even if at some time there were some trashs. Here they are all stupid, because they say obvious things and repeat them endlessly. “Taken from the novel by Stephen King, who hated the film”. NO! But even if he had written something like that on the book. No, you do not write like that. Cline, from a writer to a writer, you should know. Not to say one of the final bars. “You are Rosebud”. First of all it is called just to fuck. It does not make sense. Second, NO! Pay tribute to all the pop culture you want from the 80s, 90s and 2000s, but Citizien Kane is not pop culture. A 1941 film, but are we kidding? When I heard the line, I wanted to shoot myself.

I also open a parenthesis on the world of 2045, which is the same as that of 2018. It does not change a thing. It should be poor, but it is the same as today’s world, in all respects. Other than the destroyed world. Other than dystopia. There’s no problem. This is also the problem of the book. Of this wrecked world, little is said about it, and sometimes it doesn’t seem to have been destroyed, but in the film it is exactly like today. Nothing different.

Finally, the narrator. Wade, the protagonist, is also the narrator. It’s a pity that he talks all the time, because of the great inability of Cline to build and show the world of Oasis to the public. “H is my best friend”. Needed to say this too? SHOW ME, FUCK OFF! The narrator, in a film, should be used in moderation, can not intervene whenever you do not know how to say this and that to the viewer, that is always. You can’t let the narrator speak for the first thirty minutes. You cannot.

But let’s move on to directing. As this film is split between real life and Oasis, I will also split direction. The direction in the real world is very bad. It reminds me of Indiana Jones whose direction is pitiful. The one in Oasis is the direction of a cartoon, simply more agitated because it’s cool. The only piece of which I liked the direction was when they enter in a cult film of the time and Spielberg tries to recreate the same shots. He can not fully, but almost. Only two minutes appreciated.

The only good thing about the film is CGI. Special effects and really beautiful faces and I must say that the avatars seemed just real. But otherwise it is not worth a butt. It also seems useless to discuss the other aspects – sound, music and anything else – because they are not worthy of note.

Therefore, I do not recommend this movie. I highly recommend A Quiet Place

Rating: 15/100

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