Darkest Hour – Review


Darkest hour is the new film directed by Joe Wright and written by Anthony McCarten, screenwriter of The Theory of Everything. The film follows the life of Winston Churchill in his darkest moment, that is when he became the prime minister and had to devise a way to evacuate the army from France, or the famous Operation Dynamo.


liked the movie. I had normal expectations, and the film has more than satisfied them. Really long and now let’s see in detail why.

Let’s start from the screenplay. McCarten was good. The film is certainly well written. I liked how it present us the main character, not immediately, but slowly, by the mouth of others. In a truly truthful way, he made no secret of why Churchill was chosen as Prime Minister, nor of the intentions of the British government to sign a peace treaty with Germany and immediately end the war. Churchill and others opposed this. So it was very nice to see this political struggle in Britain, really. Made well, very well. Another thing was the description of the character, with all his nuances, his oddities, but also his genius. But this script has a flaw: too many speeches. For charity, it will take, it is a political film, but too many. I would have lightened a bit.

Let’s move to the direction of Wright, who comes from Pan, a bad movie. I liked it so much. Very attentive to details. For example, in a scene in the parliament, I was pleased to see how the extras were directed, it’s not easy, even if they just had to wave a handkerchief. I liked how he played with the camera. He knew how to move it well. More static during the political phase, but not a lot. And dynamic in the few scenes at the front and in the end. I liked to come follow the bomb that falls, it almost reminded me Kubrick with Doctor Strangelove. And then the final part, really really beautiful. It moves well there too. Let’s say that he knew how to be more dynamic, when more static, when to take a close-up, when you dare a broader vision. Good boy.

Beautiful cinematography, as well as during the parts of the front. Particular and intelligent colors, beautiful to look at. There are many contrasts between light and dark, gloomy heat. Beautiful. I liked the sets too. Well done, like the parliament and the house of Churchill. Really nice and they caught us just for the time.

Then, beautiful makeup. Oldman is really unrecognizable. It really deserves the Oscar. Also, beautiful costumes, very suitable for the time. Beautiful beautiful.

In addition, I also liked the music and the sound. They aren’t the moste beautiful, but they are well suited to the film, so fine.

Finally, I can not waste a few words for Oldman’s great performance. He had really become Churchill. The way he walked, his posture, the way he moved, the spoken word. Really a great interpretation. An Oscar-dserved one who, finally, will win! GREAT GARY!

So here is a good movie to watch, especially if the story. Of course, there are things invented, but in my opinion it can be said quite accurate.

Rating: 78/100

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