Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Review


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, is the new film directed and written by Martin McDonagh, famous theater scriptwriter and also Screenwriter of Seven Psychopaths. The story revolves around this woman, whose daughter has been killed, who decides to put three large billboards out of town as a protest against the police, who seem not to invest its resources in this case.

The film is

beautiful! In addition, I was lucky enough to see him in the original language at the cinema and it was great. Watch it absolutely.

Let’s start with the screenplay. If you have already seen Seven Psychopaths, you already know McDonagh’s style very well and here it’s no less, lift it up is definitely better. The way he managed to combine black-comedy and crime is extraordinary. It is a film that makes you laugh a lot, but not like those shits by Marvel like Thor: Ragnarok, clever, contemptuous jokes, with a sarcasm sometimes difficult to understand, but intelligent. Effective. And this humour joins the story very well. The story of a strong woman, Mildred, who is defying the police and the central power of the town because she wants justice for her dead daughter, not taking care of all the city’s rumors. In fact, in Ebbing, nobody cheers for her. I liked the fact that we did not stop at her story, her truth, but that we also gave space to two other characters, especially the story of one. Fantastic. And a great ending, really. I could not have written better. I know that someone will remain, or  remained, hesitant about the final, but no, it had to finish this way. Absolutely.

Direction is always McDonagh’s and I’ve appreciated it so much. Very attentive to details, expressions and movements of characters. The shots are also beautiful and not very static. Well. He didn’t have the nomination and there is, in the sense it’s not the best director, but stille have to see Lady Bird so I don’t know if he could stand there. (Although better than Peele for sure).

Not bad even the technical department. Beautiful cinematography, beautiful colors, really. Also strange is the fact that there are dark moments with dark colors and red at most, and then bright light moments, with vivid colors. Nice contrast absolutely wanted.

Lovely sound mixing, I think they juxtaposed themselves well with the music, when to put it in, how to make them perceive the natural sounds, and I hang on saying beautiful music. Good sound editing and also special effects, but obviously, the use that has been made is many limited.

I didn’t like the costumes very much, maybe a little too much common and dishes. They were always the same, in every occasion. I would have played a little more, perhaps. But it’s really wanting to wax the hair in the egg.

I close with the interpretations. Rockwell and McDormand were excellent. They deserve and will win the Oscar respectively for Best Leading Actress and Best Supporting Actor, and they really deserve it. Especially Rockwell. His performance was as extraordinary as the story of his character.

In summary, this film is a small pearl that fortunately, thanks to Fox Searchlight, is finding its small place in cinemas around the world. See it, there is still in cinemas. Really, go and spread the verb.

Rating: 90/100

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