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Yes, after having seen the film, I finally finished reading IT. I actually finished it more than a week ago, but I didn’t have much time to write the review. Let’s start right away. As you all know, IT is Stephen King’s most famous novel, published in 1986, adapted in a miniseries in 1990 and in a film in 2017. The story speaks of seven adults returning to their hometown, Derry, to deal with an entity that had persecuted them as children, or IT, also known as Pennywise.


liked the book so much, so I recommend it to you. It’s long, it’s true, but it runs smoothly and once you catch the rhythm you don’t want to detach yourself from the pages anymore. It is written very well, it is engaging, terrifying and grandiose description. Maybe yes, a bit too long, in the sense that there were parts that were prone to be shortened, but they are very few and twenty fewer pages would have been released, at most. Therefore, every single word has its own reason and this is great.

I really liked the narrative structure. In fact, the seven protagonists are all important and the story takes place simultaneously in both 1958 and 1985, so when they are both children and adults. I found it grandiose as an idea, because it makes us understand how much this great horror novel is nothing but a coming-of-agenovel, and that it deals with the important theme of transformation into adults.

This is not the only issue that it deals with. There is also that of fear, magic, imagination, fantasy, friendship, there is also a religious and mystical one, especially towards the final, which is not easy to interpret. In short, important issues that affect all of us, both adults and children, and with this great novel Stephen King tells us and shows us that it is always nice to stay a little children and that fantasy is important to defeat fears, without it we are lost. Maybe it is precisely for this reason that adults have real fears, but they never get rid of them.

The style is impeccable and even difficult. The style of this novel is not defined because, since we have seven protagonists who divide the chapters of the book, it fits perfectly to the character on which there is focus. I find it more than just and impeccably realized, also because King has really managed to get into the psychology of his characters and make everything true.

I liked to die and I recommend it because I think it is a great book.

Voting: 95/100

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