Eminem feat. Beyoncé – Walk on Water – Review



Walk on Water is the new single by Eminem, the lead single of his ninth studio album Revival. The song also presents the collaboration of Beyoncé.

I like this new single so much. The song is

a rap ballad at piano with him rapping, while in the chorus Bey shows his great vocalism with high and perfect vocals. Although it’s not catchy, I think it’s a beautiful song, most for the lyrics.

Eminem, in this track, speaks to us about himself, about how he feels to be… well, Eminem. He tells us about his relationship with fame and the recording industry, he invites us not to think of him as a god, or a great and also not always have high expectations for his album or songs, because he, like all of us, is only a man and makes mistakes and does not always manage to produce perfect rhymes. And all this anxiety in having to be perfect, both in behaviour and in artistic creation, brings him to feel ill, makes him exhausted because he just wants to be himself, but everyone has great expectations in him. From the second verse, and then especially in the last one, he also speaks of what is the recording industry of these times, where sales are falling, and he is looked at as a clown or an old icon. Finally, in the last sentence, he sends everyone to hell and reminds us that he wrote Stan, a piece of his own from 2000 that spoke of a fan too unbridled towards him, so further, Eminem recalls to calm.

Listen to it and buy it because it’s really beautiful.

Rating: 86/100

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