The Babadook – Review


Babadook is a 2014 Australian psychological horror movie written and directed by Jennifer Kent. The protagonist of this film is Essie Davis, famous for her potrayal of Miss. Fisher. The film is about

a woman who was widowed on the same day that her son was born because of a car accident. Samuel, her son, is almost seven years old, but he’s different from other children. He is very attached to his mother, still believes in monsters and every day forces Amelia, his mother, to check under the bed, or in the closet to make sure that everything is in place, to end up reading a story. One day Samuel takes a book called The Babadook. A strange book. They had never seen it before and there is no author’s name, moreover, the content is very disturbing and frightens the child, but also the mother.

The film is beautiful, I really liked it so much. And it also worried me, it made me anxious and frightened. The story is beautiful and very significant. In fact, this monster, the Babadook, is nothing more than a metaphorical representation of our darkness, that which we all carry within ourselves and which we must learn to accept and face day after day. We all have fears or suffer, that is our darkness. Also it’s not all played on jump scares, which, let’s say the truth, don’t scare anyone. What frightens you is the slowness of Babadook’s manifestations, making your heart come into your throat. Finally, the drama of the film is undeniable and makes it a high quality product. There’s nothing I didn’t like in the script. So, good Jennifer!

And also many compliments to the direction. Kent was amazing! I really liked the way she drove the actors, as the camera moved, the ability to change points of view, also managing to put herself in the shoes of Babadook and create the first person effect. Great direction and very good cinematography. There are a lot of dark atmospheres, and there are also plays of light. Picture choice, refined. Also a good sound.

Few scenographies, however. It was practically only their home. But ok, that’s my thing. What disappointed me enough is the effects. I understand it to be a low-budget independent film, but some things are badly done. Although others very well-done. These are the only things I have a little bit to complain about.

As far as acting is concerned, Davis was great. And also the little Noah Wiseman, who played her son. A child acting in that way has a great future ahead of him.

I highly recommend this film to you at Halloween. It’s a horror movie that is worth seeing!

Voting: 82/100

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