…Redy for It? (music video) – Review



“…Ready for It?” is officially the second single of Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album Reputation. The music video of that song was released on October 26th on her Vevo account. Here is my review of this.

The video is very nice, I’ve seen it already four times. The director is Joseph Kahn, the same director as Look What You Made Me Do. In this clip ,we see Taylor against Taylor. In fact, in the video we see Taylor in what seems to be a secret base with machines as servants arriving in front of a door. Beyond the threshold we discover there is a large glass box with another Taylor inside. Taylor vs Taylor, or better, Black Taylor vs. White Taylor. The challenge, of course, can be metaphorically understood as a challenge between the true Tay-Tay, the one that can’t be herself, and her reputation (Black Taylor), which controls everything Taylor does. Given the title of the album, it’s the logical thing to think about.

The video is very cinematographic and has many references to anime, such as Ghost in the Shell, and science fiction movies, such as Ex-Machina, and you can also see clear references to old Taylor videos, such as Blank Space, or Bad Blood.

From the point of view of direction and photography, the video is absolutely perfect. The image overwhelmes you, and the colors are beautiful. The effects are great, although some, like lightning strikes, could be done better, but the armor, blue fireflies and practically everything else was perfect. I think this is a great video.

Rating: 87/100

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