Black Swan – Review



The Black Swan is a 2010 film, written by Mark Heyman and directed by Darren Aronofsky, a famous director and screenwriter of very grim films. This psychological horror tells of

Nina, a dancer who tries to make a career in dance and the opportunity is presented to her when her company decides to open the new season with Swan Lake, a work that she has always loved, choosing a new main protagonist, since Beth, the elite of the group, will leave the dance because now old.

You’re definitely wondering why I’m reviewing a film of 2010, well… you’ll soon understand it.

First of all, I liked the film. For many reasons, and I think it should have had two more Oscar nominations, in addition to the five nominations she had: Best Film, Best Actress in a Lead Role, Best Director, Best Photography and Best Editing. I would also have put Best Costumes and Best Original Screenplay.

The story, so the screenplay, is beautiful but difficult to understand. In fact, it’s all metaphorical. Black Swan represents what it means to give an entire life to art and for art, what success means, how long the road to achieving it is, competition and, finally, the true life of artists: a long journey in search of artistic perfection. Nina, our dancer, wants to be perfect, tries in every way, like all artists. You are never satisfied with your job because you always try to give more, to do better. This is the central theme of the film, and it is understood from the first few minutes. Achieving perfection and what it entails.

I repeat, it is a bit difficult to understand, and in some places it may be a bit boring, but that it’s not. I admit myself that in some moments you lose your attention for seconds, in fact the script has some small flaws, but it still remains a very good film, and a good script. What we should not do is look at it and expect a traditional horror. No!

Black Swan is very dramatic, full of sex and conflict, and the dark (horror) aspect is given above all by Nina’s visions and nightmares. The nightmares and visions that are then explained to us, but, I repeat, everything is very metaphorical and complicated.

Of course, I can’t help but say words about direction. Fantastic. I think it’s very difficult to create a film about dance, because it’s harder to guide the actors, follow their movements, but Aronofsky had succeeded. I also liked the colors, and the grim atmosphere, and the shots, especially in the part of the show, so beautiful cinematography. Good sound, as well as editing, beautiful costumes, but on the other hand it is a film about dance. The scenographies didn’t make me go crazy (I’m not saying they are ugly, but nothing really so excellent) I really liked Nina’s room.

Beautiful performances by Natalie Portman, Barbara Hershey (as a sticky and unsettling mother), Winona Ryder (Beth, also unsettling) and Vincent Cassel, the director of the show. Practically almost all actors.

So, this film really deserved its success. If you have not seen it, remedy because it is beautiful.

Now, first of the usual vote, I will stop for a moment for a little reflection. Some days ago in the U.S., and in few days in most of the markets, mother! will be released. A psychological horror directed and written by Aronofsky himself with Jennifer Lawrence as protagonist. This film has divided the critics, which adored it, from the audience, who have despised it very much. I will go to see it and I sincerely invite everyone to do so, because in my opinion it has every pretension to be a good film.

Rating: 89/100

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