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get out


Get Out, released in Febraury in the U.S. and week over week in all the other markets, is Jordan Peele’s latest film as well as his director debut. The synopsis is very simple, a young bi-ethnic couple leaves to spend the weekend with her parents. He, Chris, has never met her, Rose’s, parents and is a little bit frightened of having to spend an entire weekend with whites.

First of all, I wanted to start by saying that this film

is a horror, a genre that I like to see and read, but I’m the first to admit that very often horror films are of low quality. But it’s not the case with Get Out that I personally found it fantastic, one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen.

Horror movies usually have so much that it doesn’t work, but in this case we are in the opposite situation: Get Out has so many strengths.

First of all, the screenplay (I hope for a nomination in the Best Original Screenplay section) . Peele, finding himself writing his first horror film, decided clearly to take clichés, like a couple as protagonist, an isolated country house, suspicious nocturnal movements. But, with great mastery, he managed to innovate these aspects, so the couple is bi-ethnic and the house is not a frightening and malreduced wooden house practically abandoned and rented them by an old very strange guardian, but a huge house, beautiful and with an almost neo-vittorian style inhabited by a doctor and a psychiatrist. Obviously, they are Rose’s parents.

But that’s not just what made this screenplay so damn original. Peele wanted to build a classic horror, which really scared us and certainly succeeded. Get Out keeps you breathless for almost the entire duration of the film, already the first scene makes you afraid. But what Peele has focused on to frighten the viewer is simplicity. You won’t have monsters, or special effects to scare you, what will make you more afraid of will be a cup. Don’t you believe it? Look at it and then you will tell me.

More points on the screenplay. One, as well as being horror, the film incorporates elements of other genres. The dialogues are very beautiful and profound, dramatic film dialogues and I liked the insertion of hypnosis. There is also a science fiction element and that’s perhaps what I liked most and at the same time amazed me in this film. Surely different from the usual infested house. Two, irony. Peele was known for writing comedies and wanted to include this side of him in the film, especially in Rod’s character, played by Lil Rel Howery. It makes a lot of laugh, and it’s a strange thing for a horror. Three, the topics covered. As I have already told you, for how the dialogues were written the movie could seem like a dramatic film (according to me it’s a drama masked as horror), and also the themes dealt with: racism and American society. Peele succeeds in giving the viewer a clear, truthful description of how an African American feels today in America, and of how much society poses itself to be racist, even without wanting, sometimes.

Last point, the final. Horror movies always end up with a bit of action and Get Out is no different. I found this action good, well filmed and not overturned, both as time and as realization. So, a good result. More traditional, it’s true, but certainly does not lower the quality of the film, also because it’s an intelligent ending in its own way.

We come to other strong points: direction, always by Peele, and cinematography. I liked the shots, the actors’ expression and the atmosphere of the dark, crazy atmosphere. Speaking of shots, I would like to thank Toby Oliver, director of cinematography, for his extensive shooting. I do not know why, but in recent years the tendency to shoot very closely has spread in horror films, which I think is wrong. For example, there is the shooting of the house in the middle of a wood, the house takes practically all the framing. If they were to take the forest as well, the viewers would certainly be more afraid. The unknown is frightening. But ok, let’s end this.

I also liked the music quite a lot, I found it to be a bit tight and suitable, and the sound mixing. The music has been used at specific times, the voices muffled, the sound of the cup. Perfect!

For the other aspects (sound editing, costumes, editing) there are no great exploits, but they are still good.

Turning to the actors, I have to say that they are speechless. In my opinion, they were all good, also because it’s a fantastic cast. Obviously Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams and Catherine Kenner were the ones I liked the most. But Howery and Bradley Whitford were also amazing. Good all the others, but five of them, who are the ones that appear the most, have been great.

So guys, see it. Not to the cinema, by now no longer, but the dvd has been released. Compose it, make it fit, even on i-Tunes, but see it because it really deserves so much.

Rating: 88/100

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