Baby Driver – Review


Baby Driver, released in Italian theatres on September 7,2017, is the new film written and directed by Edgar Wright, famous for Scott Pilgrim. The film is about a young boy, whom we know as Baby (the real name will be discovered during the film, so I don’t say it), with a great talent behind the wheel and an even greater passion for music. Unfortunately, the use that makes of these qualities is not very good. In fact, Baby is a driver for criminals, helping them escape, but it is not what he wants and tries to get out of that life.

The film was

a little disappointment, mostly because I had heard so well reviews from many critics (it has a good 86 on Metacritic, 52 positive criticisms out of 52 and many 100) that I created some expectations perhaps even too high. But, in reality, he was keeping those expectations for most of the film, it was the last twenty to thirty minutes that disappointed me.

Reading the plot, it would not seem to be the most original film ever. A young boy caught up in criminal life trying to get out is very common if it weren’t for Edgar Wright to be a genius. In fact, Baby Driver proves to be very original, in the choice of the protagonist and in its characterization, in the representation, and also in the writing.

I am sure that what I am telling you will seem contradictory, but I explain myself better, step by step. I liked he film for the first hour and twenty hours to go crazy. I had heard that BD was a real action masked auteur film and I was able to see this for most of the film. Even if it’s an action film, the real action is very circumscribed (great idea) so as to create something new, something deeper. Very nice the use of music and Baby. Music is perhaps the real protagonist in this film. First of all, the Soundtrack is spectacular, I think it can win the Oscar, as well as the sound mixing. The choice of the songs was perfect at all times, from beginning to end, they were able to describe the situation, or the moods of Baby. So a perfect union between what was happening and what was being heard. The same message of the film is the power of music, how much it can affect our lives. Baby uses music to escape from that world in which he is forced to stay, uses music to feel in a particular way, it can also be a meeting point since the love story between him and Debora, played by Lily James, is born from the shared passion for music. And another message is that everything can be music, there’s no limit to art, demonstrated by a particular obsession with Baby.

In addition, compliments should also be paid to directors and photography, which are fantastic. Some shots are really nice, some pictures have a great impact, such as flashbacks shown as a ruined cassette or the movements of Baby’s hands and feet. GENIAL! Good visual effects, but, frankly, I expected a better sound editing.

We come to the screenplay, which, as I have already said, I found very original. Dialogues are written very well, they are sensational and suspense-filled, but sometimes ironic too. I really liked the idea of putting a little humour into it. And great skill in knowing how to build a character like Baby and in the pure and crude representation of organized crime.

But let’s now come to the sore button. On one specific side, a shoot-out (sorry out the small spoiler), the film begins to tilt. But luckily, however, they catch him immediately, things return calmly and flow normally. Well. However, the last part of the film begins, the last twenty minutes, and I hated them. Everything I’ve seen for an hour and twenty is upset, in the sense that the film changes precisely because it falls into action, falls into clichés, music is forgotten. This has created a sense of confusion in me, as when you get lost on the street. It seemed to me that I was switching from Baby Driver to Fast & Furious 9. I don’t say that those action scenes are badly shot, they’re done well, there aren’t big bulls that go against physics as in F&F, some are also nice to see (I personally liked only the Elgort’s escape on foot), but it lasts too long. TOO LONG! And it’s totally out of context, you lose the meaning of the film. Music, the true representation of the criminal world, a bit of Baby himself are all things you go to lose.

I give you an example, it is as if in 1-800-273-273-8255 of Logic, who speaks of suicide, the last verse does “eh, pussy, I love smoking maria, etc…” and other things a bit like rubbish rap. That would be a crazy nonsense, and that’s how this film is. As I watched, I imagined Wright at the computer to think:”I wrote an hour and twenty of a wonderful film. How can I spoil it in the last twenty minutes?

The real ending was also a bit ugly. First of all, I thought that the finale was the scene before. We have a shot and everything suggests that this is the final scene, and I liked that scene because you go back to reality, to the film I was seeing before those twenty minutes began. But in reality it is not. The finale is another, very obvious and, in my opinion, unrealistic. They just wanted to give the mass what they want

One thing I want to say because in my opinion few people have said it is that ANSEL ELGORT has been AMAZING. He has been able to play very well the role of Baby, both in the guise of the evil driver and as a music-loving boy. His ballets really amused me, and against some criticism you find, the moment when he listens to street music is beautiful and real. As the song speaks of dancing in the street, critics clinging to the fact that he doesn’t dance, but limits himself to making small movements with his arms and shoulders. What everyone who listens to music on the street does. No one gets to dance like a madman. We are not in La La Land.

I did not like James. In my opinion, she’s there to make the pole and show off her legs. I could help. I liked her only in the laundry scene.

Summing up, the film is definitely a beautiful action film over other titles of low, or even poor, quality, such as: Fast & Furious, Taken, Atomic Blonde, some cinecomics, Valeryan, and others. But I was expecting much more. Go and see it, because you have to see it, but try to keep your expectations low.

GOOD: 77/100

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