Too Good at Goodbyes – Review


Oh, yes guys, it’s time to talk about music. Have you heard Sam Smith’s new single? It is called Too Good at Goodbyes and came out on Friday 8 September. The song is the lead single of his second studio album, whose name and release date we don’t know.


liked this new song, but it didn’t excite me so much. Sam Smith became famous for his debut single “Stay with Me”, a pop orchestral ballad with soul elements inside. And even the album, The Lonely Hour, also contained songs of this type, although there were some faster and different tracks, like Like I Can.

Too Good at Goodbyes isn’t very different from Stay with Me in terms of both song type and lyrics, and the beginning of the chorus, to tell the truth, reminds me of “oh won’t you stay with me?” of the song of the same name. And behold, I was expecting something a little different. Not that there is nothing wrong with following a certain style, but you could end up in monotony. What I liked, it was the insertion of R&B rhythms, both lively, in the pre-reversal, and ballads. So, even though the song remains strictly linked to pop orchestral and soul, there are small and pleasant differences compared to the old lead single.

Obviously, I won’t waste any time spending words on Smith’s voice, which is always a pleasure to hear, even if he sings Despacito.

So yes, it’s a successful song. I’m looking forward to the album and I hope it’ll be great and will contain surprises.

Rating: 72/100

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I leave you the audio link: Too Good at Goodbyes – Audio