Dunkirk – Review



Dunkirk, a film co-produced, written and directed by Christopher Nolan, came out in Italy on August 31, 2017 and in the middle of July in most of the worlwide market. The film deals with the evacuation of Dankerque, a port of France, from which more than four hundred thousand Allied forces had been evacuated now surrounded by the Germans.

Nolan, with this film,

has certainly succeeded in creating something unique. Totally different from the classic war movies, Dunkirk does not waste time with endless battles and election of heroes who kill anyone on their way, but aims to represent a historical event with great accuracy and reality. One of the things you notice right away is the lack of a real protagonist. We see so many characters, but no one really prefers over the others. This very original choice allows the viewer to enter into the true atmosphere of war and to give space to the feelings of soldiers like fear and the desire to survive. No heroes in this movie, only men.

The script is very beautiful, and proofs to be very original from the choice of the event. In fact, we are not at the end of the war, but in the beginning, in particular between May and June of 1940. A few dialogues, but very good, very sensible and convincing, and simply genial the idea of ​​telling the same story from three different points of view. Only faults, the first two minutes, discounted and unnecessary, and the final talk, which is very well-liked for the character who pronounces it (in the movie) but still very fictional. In some ways, he reminded me of the interstellar finale, a movie to see, but with a screenplay to be reviewed and a bit boring finale.

The few jokes give space to music, masterfully composed by Hans Zimmer, who can give a clear idea of ​​feelings. Dunkirk is therefore a true work made of sounds and images that can overwhelm the spectator emotionally. Very good editing, mastery both sound mixing and sound editing, excellent production design and visual effects. An applause is also given to van Hoytema, for the beautiful cinematography, and obviously to Nolan for the fantastic direction, especially for having lead so well these bunch of actors, who mostly were at their first real job.

Very good performances by Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy (the only known actors) and Tom Glynn-Canney. Good also those of Harry Styles and Fionn Whitehead.

Dunkirk is a sensational film, masterfully made, and certainly one of the best films on World War II. Absolutely not to miss! GO TO SEE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Rating: 86/100

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